" Intuitive eating — or whatever you want to call the radical notion of eating what you want, when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re full — demands that we trust our bodies. Most women learn early and often that their bodies are never to be trusted, that their bodies need strict regulation, especially when it comes to desire, be it the desire for food or for sex. As a result, learning to trust one’s body is difficult enough; when you add in a past that includes trauma and abuse, it becomes harder still. But your body IS trustworthy. I promise you that. Your body is not your enemy. "
by In which Lesley Kinzel speaks truth about disordered eating, backsliding, and trusting yourself.  (via aestheticfits)

(via aestheticfits)

solosojourn inquired I wanted to connect with you about an event called Black Lesbian DIY Fest 2014 @ Lesbian Herstory Archives. Please let me know an email address I can contact you at to give you more details.

hello! that would be great! peachypress@gmail.com thanks for reaching out.

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I think it’s important to remember that your feminism doesn’t have to be explained by pop culture or celebrities. Your feminism doesn’t have to be the same as your friends either

it can be ANYTHING u want

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